Welcome to Thurmaston Pool League

Home of pool for Thurmaston and it's surrounding areas, the Thurmaston Pool League has been running since 1976 and has some of Leicester's and England's most talented players.

At Thurmaston Pool we have competitions for all, to challenge you as a unit in your team, in doubles and also in various different singles tournaments as well. Winners and runners up in the 6 tournaments will be awarded a trophy and will get prize money of various amounts dependent on the number of entrants. There are also trophies to be won in league competitions (Winter and Summer) again for winners and runners up.


All of this is run by a non profit committee who meet regularly to discuss points of interest in the league and also to organize competitions and make things fun for all who enter.

League Leaders

Roll of Honour

Please return all score cards  and forms to the league headquarters. Thurmaston Conny Club, 768 Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8BD

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